Our Mission

Intermodulation Products AB is dedicated to the research and development of measurement and analysis techniques for nonlinear physics and quantum technology. Our goal is to unlock the power of highly-parallel, real-time digital signal processing and low-latency feedback, for academic and industrial research and development. Our firmware unleashes the full power of field programmable gate arrays (FPGA) through simple Python programming. Our hardware is of the highest quality and designed for diverse laboratory applications. Consult with us on your measurement problems and analysis needs.

Intermodulation Products emerged out of inventions made in the Section of Nanostructure Physics at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden. Our patented Intermodulation Lock-in Amplifier (ImLA)™, also called Multifrequency Lock-in Amplifier (MLA)™, is a general-purpose measurement system for probing both nonlinear and linear response at many frequencies, simultaneously. Our analysis algorithms are implemented in a software package for Intermodulation Atomic Force Microscopy (ImAFM)™, a patented technique for nanoscale surface analysis. With our lock-in and software you can transform a standard AFM into a state-of-the-art surface-analysis instrument. Our high-frequency pulse sequencer brings new possibilities to the measurement and control of quantum systems.