Advanced Topics

In order to comprehend some of the more advanced features in the AFM Suite, it is necessary to understand in more detail how Intermodulation Measurement and Noise Calibration work. After this general discussion we continue with sections devoted Programming your own Force Models. We explain how to use the the Data Tree which organizes the analysis and allows you to view spectral data and extract it to an external text file. A section is included on File Management, describing the different file types and where they are stored in the computer. We describe how to move and re-arange the different Panels and Views and create your own custom screen layout.

Other advanced sections are given for the AFM scientist who want to experiment with different types of multifrequency measurement and analysis. The AFM Suite has an Advanced Setup panel and a Drive Constructor to configure the drive tones and measurement frequencies of the Multifrequency lockin Amplifier (MLA) ™. A Stream Recorder is also included to record continuous streams of intermodulation data for analysis with your own software. A Scripting Interface is also described which allows you to fully customize your multifrequency measurements with scripts that run in the IMP suite. We also document the ScanData python class which organizes the multi-frequncy data. With the functions in ScanData you can write Python scripts that analyze an plot the data stored in the scan files (e.g. scan01234.imp).