The IMP Session and Work Flow

Quick Start

Connect the intermodulation lockin to your host AFM and make sure the switch(s) on your signal access module are in the correct position. For details on connecting to your AFM, please consult the Install Hardware section.

Start the host AFM and set it to Contact Mode, with the feedback set-point set to zero volts. Here we assume that zero volts on the detector corresponds to the equilibrium position of the cantilever when it is free from the surface.


Start AFM Software Suite. A session folder named with the current date is automatically created where all your data will be stored.

Work Flow

The work flow is symbolically represented by the left column of 6 Im icons. From top to bottom, these icons guide the work flow in the AFM Suite. Click on these icons to open the different panels and views.

Find the resonance

by performing a Frequency Sweep.

Calibrate the cantilever and detector

using non-invasive thermal noise Calibration.

Setup and scan

then engage the surface with the host AFM to start Scanning.

Open previous scan files

and use the pixel and line inspectors to Analyze Scan Data.

View the session

and import host AFM data, batch process, or 3D view in Session Overview.

Add comments

to the automatic logging in the Session Logbook.

Each step in the work flow is described in detail in the following sections: