Trouble Shooting

Below is a list of problems that may arise, and solutions. Contact Intermodulation Products if you are having problems getting your system to operate <>. There is a hidden program long file in each session folder .internallog.dat which the company representative may need to see if the problem can not be solved over the phone.

Problem: The software crashed but the process is still running in the computer and I can not stop it.

Solution: In Windows: start the task manager (control+shift+escape). Look for imp_suite.exe and kill that process.

Problem: I get only a very weak signal and I do not see any resonance when I do a frequency sweep.

Solution: Did you make sure that the hardware switch on the signal access module in is the correct position?

Problem: I can not get a good fit to the noise calibration data.
  • There may be a spurious signal coming from your AFM which happens to be close to resonance. Change cantilever and avoid the frequency of the spurious signal.

  • You can exclude data points to avoid frequency bands where spurious signals and additional noise is getting in to you measurement.

  • There may be an extra (not thermal) source of noise which is driving your cantilever. Make sure the drive from the host AFM is off and disconnected. Try turning off the high voltage drive to the Z-piezo of a tip-scanning AFM.

Problem: When I open the software, only get the Analysis and Session Overview icons in the work flow.

Solution: This means that the software can not find the MLA™ on the ether net. Check that the MLA™ is connected to the ether net, and verify that the computer has ether net connection to the MLA™.