ImAFM Nano-mechanical mode
Software package for real-time and off-line nanomechanical analysis
  • Automized setup for ImAFM
  • Point-and-click force curves
  • Conservative and dissipative force analysis
  • Dynamic force quadrature curves
  • Map material properties with 3D visulaization
  • Numerous force models, user defined models
ImEFM Surface Potential mode
Software and hardware extension for imaging surface potential (contact potential difference)
  • Improved sensitivity over KPFM modes
  • No potential feedback (open loop)
  • Measure surface potential at different DC bias
ImFFM Friction Imaging mode
Software for nanoscale frictional force imaging
  • Calibration of torsional resonance
  • Dynamic force quadrature analysis of frictional forces
  • Image high-speed friction, velocity up to several cm/sec
  • High spatial resolution, ~10 nm