Software installation

The MLA™ can be controlled using the dedicated graphical user interface IMP MLA software or controlled using the Python API which comes bundled with the software. The software comes in two alternative packages “exe” and “zip”. The “exe” version comes bundeled with a Python environment and all the necessary modules and libraries, which make it easy to get started with. It is however limited to work on Windows operating systems and it is not possible to access the Python API from external scripts when using this version. It is also not possible to add additional Python modules for the internal script interface. For those cases the “zip” version, together with a user installed Python, should be used instead.

“exe” version

To install just double click on the installer file and follow the instructions. After installation is done you will have a link on the desktop called IMP MLA which start the software.

Note: You may be prompted with a warning that the installer file is not cryptographically signed with Microsoft. If you made sure you downloaded the file directly from an Intermodulation Products server ( or you can be confident that the software is safe to run in any case.

“zip” version

This version requires installation of a Python environment on the system. On Windows and Mac OS we recommend Miniconda Python from Anaconda since they provide easy package management to install all required modules, while on Linux it is typically equally easy to use the system provided Python. The instructions below assume you are using Miniconda.

  • Extract the IMP MLA zip-file to a directory of your choice

  • Install Miniconda from

  • Open an Anaconda Prompt

  • Create a dedicated Python environment for the software conda create -n imp

  • Install required modules into the environment conda install -n imp wxpython numpy scipy matplotlib paramiko configobj

  • NOTE: if you are trying to run the IMP Multifrequency AFM software IMP AFM some additional packages are needed conda install -n imp wxpython numpy scipy matplotlib paramiko configobj h5py scikit-learn

  • Activate the environment conda activate imp

  • Change directory cd PATH where PATH is the directory where the zip was extracted to.

  • Start software using python (on Mac OS you need pythonw

When starting the software in the future, only the three last steps need to be repeated in an Anaconda Prompt.