Quick Start Guide

This section describes a quick way to get the MLA and software running.

  • Install the IMP MLA software using the download link provided by Intermodulation Products.

  • Connect power to the MLA using the supplied power adapter.

  • Connect the MLA to the computer using an Ethernet cable. For optimal performance use an internal Ethernet-port on the computer to connect to the MLA, and if needed, a USB-Ethernet dongle for additional network connections.

  • Turn on the MLA.

  • Set computer IP address to with subnet mask For example on Windows:

    1. Go to Control Panel -> Network and Internet -> Network and Sharing Center.

    2. Locate the network adapter: In the left panel choose Change adapter settings. To identify which adapter corresponds to the Ethernet card connected to the MLA, turn off the MLA. There should be a red cross on the adapter icon with the text Network cable unplugged. About half a minute after the MLA is turned on the red cross will disappear and the text changes to Unidentified network.

    3. Configure the MLA adapter: Right click again on the MLA adapter and choose Properties. Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPV4) and click Properties. Click Use the following IP address and fill in the following

      IP address:

      Subnet mask:

  • Start the IMP MLA software.

  • When the Message Log panel closes the initialization sequence is done, use the menu bar and select “Run script” -> “built-in” -> “default.py” to open a standard set of control panels.

  • Press the play icon play_icon in the Oscilloscope panel and/or the Lockin plot panel to start plotting measurement data.

  • Connect Signal Output 1+ to Signal Input 1+. You should now see a signal in the time domain and spectrum.


    The instrument is equipped with high precision SMA connectors. They should be handeled carefully for maximum life time. Use only your fingers or the supplied SMA torque wrench when connecting cables.

  • Change the amplitude of the first tone in the Lockin setup panel. Press Write to MLA to effect the change.

  • Additional functions can be found in the menu bar under “Panels”.