Microwave synthesis and analysis platforms
Presto and Vivace, a breakthrough for quantum technology
  • 9 GHz direct digital synthesis, no analog IQ mixers
  • 16 or 8 RF in- and outputs in a single device
  • 200 ns latency feedback
  • Controlled using Python API
  • Multiple modes of operation:
    • Time domain pulse sequencing and feedback
    • Continuous wave
    • 192 frequency lock-in
Multifrequency Lockin Amplifier
  • 80 MHz analog bandwidth
  • 4 input and 2 output ports
  • Powerful graphical software and Python API
  • Multiple modes of operation:
    • 32 frequency lock-in
    • Coherent signal synthesis and sampling
    • Oscilloscope
    • Arb. waveform generator
Synchronize and distribute clocks
  • Reference clock with frequency stability ┬▒0.5 ppb
  • 7 clock outputs
  • 7 SYSREF outputs to synchronize Presto or other Metronomo units
  • Configurable via LAN
Multifrequency AFM
Upgrade your AFM with multifrequency capabilities
RFSoC front-end cards
Front-end cards for Xilinx RFSoC development kits
  • Compatible with ZCU111, ZCU208, ZCU216
Signal Access Modules
Connect MLA to your AFM
  • Low signal distortion
  • Low noise pickup
  • One-click cantilever calibration
  • Numerous models for various AFMs