Enhancing Quantum Bosonic Codes with Presto

Picture Dr. Mikael Kervinen and an X-gate in binomial encoding. The gate is defined by mapping the six cardinal states in the encoded subspace to their respective targets. The gate is defined only for the encoded subspace, but in arXiv:2303.01451, Kervinen et al. can characterize it generally by analyzing its action on the full Hilbert space and not just the cardinal states. On the right you can see the experimental Wigner functions of Fock state |2> being transformed into a superposition (|0>+|4>)/2 by the action of the X-gate.

As a postdoctoral researcher at Chalmers University of Technology, working with Assistant Professor Simone Gasparinetti, my research focus is quantum information processing using bosonic encodings within superconducting 3D cavities. So far we have created and characterized bosonic states and bosonic gates and we are looking into extending the lifetime of the bosonic qubits. In this customer testimonial, I am delighted to share my experience with Presto and how it has elevated our research efforts in quantum bosonic codes.

Streamlining Experiments with Template Storage:
Presto has proven to be a vital tool in our research arsenal and facilitated our experiments. Its exceptional capability to store templates in memory has saved us countless hours and eliminated the need to upload new pulse shapes for every iteration. This powerful feature enables us to iterate through various amplitudes and frequencies seamlessly.

Simplified Pulse Sequences with Python API:
One of the standout features of Presto is its user-friendly Python API, which simplifies the process of designing complex pulse sequences. With Presto's straightforward commands, we can effortlessly write and implement intricate pulse sequences.

Comprehensive Control of the Entire Experiment:
Presto's ability to control the entire quantum experiment using a single instrument sets it apart from the competition. This comprehensive control has transformed our approach to research, enabling us to seamlessly conduct both pulsed and continuous signal experiments. Additionally, Presto offers valuable features like fast and static dc-bias for flux control and high-frequency pump signals for parametric amplifiers. The versatility provided by Presto empowers us to explore new frontiers in quantum bosonic codes.

Responsive Customer Support:
Throughout our journey with Presto, the customer support from IMP has been exceptional. The team has been highly responsive, promptly addressing our queries and feedback. Their expertise and willingness to assist have been invaluable. With reliable customer support, we couldn't be happier that we chose IMP.

In conclusion, Presto has become an indispensable asset in our quantum bosonic codes research at Chalmers University of Technology. The ability to store templates in memory, the simplicity of the Python API, and the comprehensive control over our experimental system have significantly elevated our capabilities. We are immensely grateful for the outstanding customer support from IMP, which has further solidified our satisfaction with Presto. With Presto by our side, we are eager to push the boundaries of quantum information processing and make substantial contributions to the field of quantum bosonic codes.